The 2014 Knight Soccer League season starts Sunday, April 13

Co-ed Division

The two main law adaptations; no slide-tackling as defined by – going to ground to challenge for the ball in the presence of an opponent and maximum 5 outfield males. Goalkeepers can be female or male. Check with opponents and notify match official about playing more than 5 outfield women. Penalty kicks & drop-balls are taken by females. Ties go to 3 vs 3 PKs then 1 vs 1 if needed, females first then alternating male – female until you have a winner


The KSL will not tolerate alcohol consumption on or close to the facilities used for our games. We will get rid of a team that has caused the problem before we will lose a field so no alcohol on the sideline, in the changerooms and players with alcohol on their breath or seen to be drinking will not be able to play any further part in the game. Fines and expulsion can result from drinking at the game or in the facility area.

Check the Discipline webpage to ensure you are aware if one of your players is suspended for accumulation of yellow card cautions whether from play on your team or teams in other divisions. You can also see if a player has not completed and submitted a red card send-off incident report to start his discipline preceedings.

Players signing as New Registrants can not play until they pay the KSL $20. Players can sign for more than one team as long as they have the approval of the KSL administration and the teams do not play in the same division. Players wanting to play on teams in different divisions must register online for each team. Check the discipline page for suspended players before you sign a new player. Download and copy two game day team lists from the player registration site for each match and give both to the referee with the $35 match fee before kick-off at the pre-match ID check.  CLICK HERE for the Team Affiliation Form


Every KSL player must register online before they can play. CLICK HERE for Player Registration  Players 18 or under must download, complete then have a parent sign the Parental Liability Acknowledgement form and deliver the form to a KSL officer before they can play.  CLICK HERE for a pdf copy of the Parental Liability Acknowledgement Form


Red carded players & coaches must complete and submit the Red Card Incident Report. Players shown the red card and sent-off are automatically suspended one week. Players accumulating three yellow cards in the season are suspended for one week. Players accumulating 4 cautions in a season are suspended two weeks. Players accumulating 5 cautions in a season are suspended four weeks. Postponed matches will extend the suspension.

KSL Costs

KSL fee, including BCSA team registration is $350 and must be paid before April 1, 2014 Teams using KSL fields contact the administrator for the field cost. Performance bond is $100. Referee match fee of $35 to be paid before each game for approx. 15 games. Players not registered for the calendar year with a BC Soccer full member league from Aug-01, 2013 to Jul-31, 2014 must pay $20 to register for the half year in the KSL before they can play. 


Teams that forfeit and do not play their scheduled match will be fined $150. Teams owing forfeit fines will be suspended until the fine is paid. The KSL will use part of the $150 fee to pay the referee if the game isn’t played. Teams short-handed can concede the points and use opposition players for a match. Scheduled matches played as friendlies will be considered sanctioned exhibitions. Home teams that fail to properly line the field or bring a net will be fined $50. Red cards have a $20 / week fine.

Players looking for a team

Email the administrator a brief  resume with caliber, age & contact information to be sent to managers.


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Players with questions contact your manager who can contact the administrator.