Players Looking for a Team

Email a brief resume (100 words maximum) with calibre, age and full contact information so that managers can contact you if they are interested to admin@knightsoccerleague.org. We will cut and paste it onto the website as submitted - that means PUT YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS AND PHONE NUMBER IN THE MESSAGE.  Remember, IF YOU DO NOT INCLUDE CONTACT INFORMATION, NOBODY WILL BE ABLE TO REACH YOU. Postings may be deleted after approximately three months.

Please note the following:

  2. The KSL is a SPRING and SUMMER league; there are no winter season games scheduled.
  3. Players MUST play in at least one regular season match with a team to qualify for Cup play.
  4. Postings may be deleted after approximately three months.
  5. If you have signed with a team, or wish to be removed from this list, please email us at the address above.


My name is omid and I'm 20 years old. I'm currently playing at Fraser
valley lueague and nexus league in Surrey. I have been playing in these two
leagues for the past 4 years competitively. Getting from Fraser valley div
4 to div 2 and playing in both div 1 and 2 of nexus league during these
years. But primary position is striker but i can also be a right winger as

Contact information:

Omid junior

Phone number: 604-813-7757

Email: omid81011@gmail.com

Thank you


My name is Mustafa Hashimi, I am looking for any level team. I am 20 years
old, I am fairly fit and am just looking to get back into soccer. I can
play Midfield or Attacking preferably on the left side. Looking to help
where I can.

Thank you,

You may email me at mustafahashimi1222@gmail.com or call/text me at

Dear Admin,

My name is Gurinderpal Singh 28 and I moved to Surrey about a year
ago from Punjab, India. I'm looking to join a div 3 team initially.
I have played soccer for my whole life, including competitions
during my high school and university days, currently I am in good
shape as I work out regularly. Moreover, I have also been an athlete
at Punjab Agricultural University, where I completed my
post-graduation in sciences. My preferred positions would be mid
field or RW striker, but I'm happy to play in whatever position I am

You can email me gurindersidhu777@yahoo.com text me at 604-442-5234.
I'll be looking forward for your response.

Kind regards, Gurinder


I would like to join a team if any teams are short players.
I can play left back, right back, left winger- midfield, striker.

I work hard on the field, making sure to connect my passes, and to
get the ball back into possession, overall a well rounded team player.

The highest level of soccer I have played is Div 2 Vmsl.

best regards,
Raj Sehra

Hello my name is karlo I’m a striker who played soccer last year I can play on the wing and striker and I’m looking for a div 3 team. I also have a friend who plays defensive who is also looking for a  team (would like if we both could join).

Email: kkablar@icloud.com

My name is Aimee, my email is stewya10@gmail.com and number is 778-889-2334. I am on a masters 2 womens division during the fall. I am looking for a co-Ed team to join this spring on Sundays. I would consider a womens spring team as well.

Thanks Aimee

Hi my name is Jean Paul Nieva Suarez and I'm interested in playing soccer I am 27 years old I've played soccer all my life except I have stop for 4 years due to work .. Is there any teams that are having any tryout for the summer season? And when will the summer season start? I wouldn't mind starting in lower division to get started back up again and get this rust off my legs. Please contact me in the email : Jp.nieva11@gmail.com Or my phone number 780-807-3307.
Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Jean Paul Nieva Suarez

Hi my Name is Jean Paul , I'm new to burnaby from alberta and would be interested in playing soccer again. I haven't played in a long time so I would be interested in playing a lower division if possible. You can contact me at this adress or my phone number is 780-807-3307 thank you for your time


My name is Maykon, I am 39 years old and I am looking for a team to train and participate in the 35+ division and to prepare for the 45+ division. But I am open to any division.
I am a striker, good positioning in the area and good vision of the game. I compromise with the training and follow the rules set by the team. I am looking to improve my cardio and strength and the training will help me to
know how to play with the team.

Maykon Lobato
email: maykon.clobato@gmail.com